Popokvil Waterfall

Popokvil is a beautiful two-leveled waterfall located in Bokor National Park which is near the Kampot town of Cambodia. The Khmer name “Popokvil” when translated to English means “swirling clouds” depicting its magnificent landscapes amidst the mists when the level of waters is high in the rainy season. Popokvil waterfall is one of the most attractive and popular attractions for tourists once visiting Kampot province.

Popokvil Waterfall 1

Surrounded by stunning scenery, the streams of water at the first level of Popokvil waterfall hit the stones from the height of around 15 meters before reaching a small pond. The second level below the pond is 18 meters’ height leading to the bottom where the views are delightful. The shallow pond lying between the two levels is a perfect place for swimming when the levels of water decrease.

Popokvil Waterfall 2

In summer, Popokvil almost dries up, you can easily see many people camping near the rocks right behind the waterfall. Hiking to the fall’s base is a favorite activity here all year round except the rainy season. During the trail, you might have the chance to spot and observe some wildlife in their natural habitats such as macaques and giant red squirrels. For relaxing, Popokvil waterfall has a nice seating area for tourists where you can order food directly. The site is not only an exceptional place for cooling off during hot summer days but also an ideal spot to take photos.

The closest town to Popokvil waterfall is Kampot which is located 8 kilometers far from the site. The most convenient way to reach the site is getting a private car from Siem Reap (173 kilometers), Phnom Penh (191 kilometers).

Popokvil Waterfall 3

Climate, the best time to visit

Popokvil waterfall has a tropical climate with significant rainfall throughout the year. The dry season is short and the average temperature of the region is around 27 °C. The best time to visit Popokvil waterfall is months lasting from May to October when you can enjoy a scenic walk among pristine nature and discover the amazing wilderness.

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