Aisawan Thiphya

Aisawan Thiphya is the most prominent building in the Bang-Pa-In summer palace located in Bang Leng commune, Bang-pa-in district, 18 km south of Ayutthaya.

Bang-pa-in Summer Palace is a famous tourist destination, built in the 17th century under King Prasat Thong, 61 km from Bangkok. This place was the relaxing place of kings in Ayutthaya after the reign of King Prasat Thong until the invasion of Burma in 1767, it was abandoned for nearly a decade. The palace has many unique architectural works, with many buildings in both Chinese, Western and traditional styles of Thailand, of which, the most famous is the Aisawan Thiphya built by King Rama V, also known as Chulalongkorn, according to the ancient architecture of the Thai people.


Aisawan Thiphya is like a brilliant flower floating in the middle of the lake, which people consider this as a symbol of the golden temple headquarters, the center of the building is the statue of King Rama V, who built it.

Aisawan Thiphya is not only famous for its wonderful architecture but also associated with stories of hope and despair, about the death of Queen Sunanda and Princess Karnabhorn Bejraratana - the daughter of Queen Sunanda and King Chulalongkorn, in barge wreck in 1881.

To visit Asawan Thiphya and the Summer Palace, visitors can easily travel from Bangkok or Autthaya by car, or can also take the train from Hualamphong - Bangkok station to Bang-pa-in station.

The palace is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m daily for visitors, and you can come here all year round, however, the best time to visit the Summer Palace, as the name suggests, you should come here in the summer. The period from November to April next year when the weather is dry and cool is the most suitable time for a trip to Thailand to visit the Summer Palace and Aisawan Thiphya Building.

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