Koh Surin Nuea

Koh Surin Nuea is one of five islands in the North of Ko Mu Surin National Park in Phuket, where the headquarters of Mu Ko Surin National Park is located. Among 5 islands, Koh Surin Nuea and Surin Tai are located on two sides of the Surin archipelago but are quite close to each other, separated by a shallow sea of about 200m wide, so they look like twins.


Koh Surin is considered one of the most famous marine ecological reserve in Anamda sea with its persity of marine ecosystems, coral reefs, many species of fish and other resident species living here. There are more than 200 species of coral forming brilliant coral reefs, rich flora and fauna including 91 species of birds, 22 species of mammals and 6 species of reptiles that is found in Koh Surin Nuea. Because it is located far from the shore, the beach here is extremely clean and few tourists, the fine white sand and long coastline make Koh Surin like a paradise on the island.


Surin Discovery Day Tour from Phuket is currently a best-selling tour in Phuket, in which Snorkeling in Surin couldn't be better with the experience of watching wonderful coral reefs, colorful fishes and especially the tortoises and green turtles. You will also discover the flora of the primeval forests on the island with many strange tree species such as Barringtonia, Cerbera odollam, visit the mangroves of Mae Yai Bay... In addition, visitors also have the opportunity to visit Monken village and learn about the Monken people living on Koh Surin Nuea island.

From your hotel in Phuket, you will move by car to Ban Num Khem pier to board a boat to explore Koh Surin Nuea.


You can visit Phuket at any time of the year, but if you want to explore Koh Surin Nuea, note that the island is only open to visitors from November 1 to May 15 every year. From May 16 to October 14, the island will be closed to restore the ecosystem and because the weather conditions are not ideal for tourists activities on the sea.

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