Phu Chi Fa

Phu Chi Fa, a part of the Phi Pan Nam mountain range, is a peak with a height of 1,442 meters located on the border pision of Thailand and Laos (around 90 kilometers from Chiang Rai). Although Phu Chi Fa is not the tallest mountain in Northern Thailand, its off-the-beaten-track location and spectacular winding roads leading to the peak make it a perfect destination for trekking.

Phu Chi Fa 1

Lying on the area surrounding the summit is the national forest park which is considered the best spot to watch the sunrise in Thailand. From Phu Chi Fa ‘s peak, you can get a stunning view of the breathtaking rocky cliffs, an array of rolling green hills, the fairy sea of clouds, the great Laotian valley, and the mighty Mekong river. On the way climbing up to the mountain, you may have the chance to meet local people in colorful hill-tribe costumes and enjoy the children’s traditional songs. Fortunately, the site is not touristy, so it remains its primitive beauty and is undoubtedly one of the most attractive natural spots that tourists can visit from both Thailand and Laos.

Phu Chi Fa 2

The closest big city to Phu Chi Fa is Chiang Rai which has an airport operating domestic flights connecting Bangkok and Chiang Mai. From Chiang Rai, it is comfortable to use a private car to get to the Phu Chi Fa.

Climate, the best time to visit

The weather on the Phu Chi Fa mountain is cool all year round with an average temperature of 20° C and is affected by the tropical monsoon like other parts of Thailand. The most ideal time to visit Phu Chi Fah is months from November to early February as it offers a clear stunning view and pleasant weather. Dawn is the busiest time at Phu Chi Fa, so visiting the site during the daytime or for sunset is also an alternative option if you wish to enjoy the scenery in a peaceful atmosphere.

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