Bokeo Nature Reserve

The Bokeo Nature Reserve in Laos is a haven for biodiversity and ecotourism, featuring lush forests, pristine rivers, and diverse wildlife. It's most known for the innovative Gibbon Experience, where visitors can stay in treehouses and observe gibbons in their natural habitat. This unique conservation initiative and the reserve's stunning scenery make it a truly special destination for nature enthusiasts and those seeking an immersive, sustainable adventure.

Where is Bokeo Nature Reserve?

Located in Bokeo province with the metropolis Ban Houaxay in Northwest Laos (475 kilometers from Luang Prabang), Bokeo Nature Reserve was established in 2004 to preserve 123,000 hectares of primary forests and mountains which are home to rare biodiversity of animals and insects such as elephant bear, monkey, tiger, etc. The rarest among them is the black-cheeked gibbon, found in 1997 – a species of ape thought to be extinct.

Bodeo Nature Reserve

Highlights of Bodeo Nature Reserve

In Laos language, Bokeo means “The pearl mine”. However, the most wonderful thing in Bokeo is not its gems, but its natural environment and landscapes which are pristine and carefully preserved. The Gibbon Experience getting permission from the Laos government in 2007 has operated tours aiming at preserving landscapes, offering jobs for local people, and supporting sustainable agricultural development. This is a trend of eco-tourism that is popularly applied in many countries over the world.

Bodeo Nature Reserve

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Traveling to Bokeo Nature Reserve, the typical sceneries that you will never forget are the lush green forest, impressive treehouses, unstable monkey bridges, and aesthetic suspension bridges. There is an interesting tour to observe the gibbons living in their natural habitats and various trekking options including an overnight stay in a cabin at treehouses on the height of over 40 meters above the ground for your memorable experience. If you want to try something more adventurous, you can join the zip lining amidst spectacular and vast primitive tropical forests.

Bodeo Nature Reserve

The closest town to get to Bokeo Nature Reserve is Ban Houaxay which has an airport serving flights from Vientiane and Luang Prabang. You can also use a private car with optional stops along the way to reach the site from these cities. The transfer by a slow boat is doable from Luang Prabang and Pakbeng.

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Climate, the best time to visit

Bokeo Nature Reserve has a tropical climate with much rainfall in summer and an average temperature of around 25°C. The best time to visit the region is the months from October to February with pleasant weather creating great conditions for hiking and spotting wildlife.