Don Det

Located in the most Southern part of Laos and around 130 kilometers from Pakse, Don Det is a river island, part of the famous Si Phan Don, which is a collection of 4000 islands with many of them uninhabitable by anything but only small creatures. The other main islands of the collection are Don Khong, Don Som, and Don Khon that is connected with Don Det via a small bridge.

Don Det 1

Don Det used to be a new name for an off-the-beaten-track hideaway place in Laos only 5 to 10 years ago. On this island, though the shore is covered with numerous guesthouses and restaurants, you will not be able to find the big crowds as in Vang Vieng. Don Det now has 24-hour electrical services but it is not a strange thing if the light goes out for some time in a day. The island attracts lots of tourists coming to relax among amazing natural landscapes, especially the young people.

Don Det 2

Despite Don Det is still a new destination on the travel map, it has gained the population from the variety of water activities, the impressive scenery, and the trendy island atmosphere. Although there are not so many religious or cultural sites to visit in Don Det, the cool island and its peaceful surroundings are the real masterpieces. Anywhere you go, you will be greeted by friendly local people and an exciting experience. If lazily laying in a hammock under shaded trees or swimming in the Mekong river does not satisfy you, there are some other very interesting things to do in Don Det such as rent a tube and float down the Mekong, visit the spectacular Khon Phapheng waterfalls, take the boat trip and spot the Irrawady dolphins, hang out at a white sandy beach to see the sunset, and join one of the kayaking trips available in the area.

Don Det 3

The nearest town to Don Det is Pakse which has an airport serving flights from Vientiane, Luang Prabang, and Savannakhet. From Pakse, you can take a private car to reach Nakasong Ferry Boat Station where you will board for the transfer to Don Det.

Climate, the best time to visit

Like other regions in Southeast Asia, Don Det has a tropical climate that is affected by the monsoon lasting from August to November. The best time to visit Don Det is during the winter months from December to around April when the sky is crystal blue and the temperature is pleasant.

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