Nong Khiaw

Nong Khiaw, lying on the banks of the Nam Ou river, is a remote small village in the very Northern part of Laos (140 kilometers from Luang Prabang). Due to the deep location among spectacular karst mountains, the town still retains its primitive beauty and rustic countryside life with lesser-visited tourists than other destinations.

Nong Khiaw 1

Traveling to Nong Khiaw, numerous interesting activities that tourists can experience include hiking to fantastic viewpoints (Phakhao, Phanoi, Pha Daeng), discovering Pha Kuang cave, taking a day trip to the well-known 1000 waterfalls, tasting the local food, and trying the traditional herbal sauna. Additionally, you have the opportunity to get a deep insight into locals’ life by paying a visit to an indigenous Khmu village. The Khmu people traditionally earn their livings by growing crops, weaving bamboo and rattan. During the visit, you may get to know one of their professional skills from a welcoming villager.

It is recommended to spend at least 2 days in Nong Khiaw to explore the beautiful town and relax among amazing natural landscapes. If you have more time, extending 2 or more days to the nearby gorgeous sleepy village Muang Ngoy is a perfect choice.

Nong Khiaw 2

The most convenient way to get to Nong Khiaw is by taking a private car from Luang Prabang. If you enter Laos through the border with Thailand, it still easily connects Huay Xai and Nong Khiaw by road transfer. Getting around the town, you can walk on foot or riding a mountain bike to visit the surrounding areas.

Climate, the best time to visit

Due to the location in the mountainous area, the weather of Nong Khiaw is much cooler than in other parts in the South of Laos. The best time to visit this peaceful town is during the dry season from November to May. Among them, the months from November to March is the most peak time of tourist with enjoyable weather and comfortable humidity.

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