Presidential Palace

Presidential Palace, a national monument and one of the most famous landmarks of the city, is located on the main avenue in the heart of Vientiane. Designed by architect Khamphoung Phonekeo, the impressive French Beaux-Arts building was only opened for the first time in 1986 after the takeover of Pathet Lao.

In general, the architecture of the Presidential Palace is a perfect combination of French neo-classic, Renaissance, and Gothic which clearly shows on tall columns, elegant balconies, and modern eye-catching iron gates. The surroundings of the French colonial building are lovely, lush gardens.

Presidential Palace-1

Although the main function of the Presidential Palace is to organize all important government ceremonies and become the home of the President of Laos, they do not live here as the leader chose another province for their residence. Nowadays, the building is closed to the public so it only can be seen from outside.

The Presidential Palace is easily accessed on any day tour in Vientiane by private car. Some nearby attractions that you can combine to visit are Patuxai, Wat Si Saket, Pha That Luang

Presidential Palace-2

Climate, the best time to visit

Vientiane has a tropical climate with 2 main distinct seasons: dry and wet. The averages temperature ranges from 24°C to 37°C. You can get an outside view of the Presidential Palace any time in a year. However, the building illuminated with colorful artificial lights at night is best seen with a great opportunity for perfect photography.


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