Tham Pha Ka

Tham Pha Ka is a newly-discovered limestone cave in Maed district, Vientiane province. Stretching for a length of around 9 kilometers, the site is considered the largest cave in Laos with dimensions of 120 meters height and 400 meters width. The Nam Fuang River, a branch of the mighty Mekong River, flows throughout the cave.

Tham Pha Ka 1

An exploration team from Japan together with the NHK television crew explored the upstream system of Tham Pha Ka as well as the entrance flowing of the Nam Fuang. Recently, Tham Pha Ka has been used by the local administration as a natural and religious site. It has proudly broken the record of the famous Tham Kong Lor due to its bigger size. Additionally, inside the cave are numerous amazing stalactites and stalagmites naturally formed in various mystical shapes.

Tham Pha Ka 2

In the effort to develop the tourism of the area, the Laos government has represented Tham Pha Ka as a potential place for establishing ecotourism and the Vientiane province is also looking for investors to implement plans in gaining more popularity for the cave. The hydropower project further downstream on the Nam Fuang threatens to flood the lower areas inside the cave. Traveling to Maed district, besides visiting the fantastic cave, tourists have the opportunities to explore other interesting attractions like the splendid Huay Chan waterfalls and the spectacular Moum cliff.

Tham Pha Ka 3

Because the cave is filled with water all around the year, it can only be accessible by boat. The distance of a boat trip ride starting from the town is about 19 kilometers.

Climate, the best time to visit

Maed district has a tropical savanna climate with the dry season from November to March and the wet season from April to October. The best time to visit Tham Pha Ka is 5 months in the dry season when the weather is cool and the level of water inside the cave is suitable for your boat trip.

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