How to discover authentic Cambodia?

by TAA on December 25, 2019

Cambodia, officially known as the Kingdom of Cambodia, is a country located in the southern portion of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Together with Laos and Vietnam, Cambodia is an attractive destination for tourists to explore, from the ancient temples in Angkor Wat - The World Heritage by UNESCO, to mighty rivers, remote forests and empty beaches.

Enjoy the strange and unique food like snakes, spiders or watch the giant flock of bats burst their nests at sunset? There are only 2 of many interesting experiences when traveling to Cambodia. Let's explore!

a lady is watching the sunset from a corridor inside Angkor Wat

Watch the sunrise at Angkor Wat: Enjoying the bright orange-yellow streaks cast down on the ancient towers of Angkor Wat is an impressive experience that makes visitors fascinated. Photo:

Angkor Wat from the front

Built in the 12th century, Angkor Wat is considered the oldest and largest temple complex in the world. Today, it has become a national symbol, presented on the Cambodian flag. If you have time, you will have to spend 3 days or even a week to explore this vast "stone maze". Photo:

A face sculptured in the wall of Bantey Srei

Explore other magnificent temples: Of course, Angkor Wat should be a priority in the journey, but it will be a pity if you miss other temples in Cambodia. No need to travel far away, you can explore the archaeological park of Angkor with many ancient ruins by bike or on foot. Photo:

monks walking along Bantey Srei

You can explore Angkor Thom with a series of ancient works, including Bayon temple and the famous stone faces. Or also visit Ta Prohm with the bizarre roots that have appeared in the Tomb Raider movie. Further to the north of Cambodia is the Hindu Preah Vihear temple, located atop a 525 m cliff in the Dangrek mountain. Photo:

cooked spiders are selling as food

Try street food in Siem Reap: Many strange and unique dishes are waiting for you to enjoy here, such as deep fried tarantula spiders, grilled snake skewers, and lemon and chili crickets. Photo:,

Cambodia vegetable pancake

In addition to the strange and unique dishes, you can try the lort cha with noodles, bean sprouts as well as shallots cooked with beef and fried eggs on the face. Or else, the dish of amok - fish curry with coconut milk flavored with lemon and chilli is enough to warm your stomach. Photo:

thousands bats leaving the cave at sunset

Visit Battambang bat at sunset: Every afternoon at the foot of the mountain of Phnom Sampeau, curious people gather here to observe a spectacular scene. Thousands of bats are "bursting" from a cave to start their night hunting. Photo:

bats flying at sunset

A trail of black stretched between the sky, vibrating the sound waves. The sight of this giant bat colony occurs around 5:30 every evening, about 15 km southwest of Battambang. In history, caves in the mountains of Phnom Sampeau used to be a "dark place", a refuge for the Khmer Rouge forces. Photo:

red is main color of Cambodia national museum

Study Cambodia's past in museums: Cambodia is a country with rich deep spiritual culture and complex history. You can learn about the country's past in museums, like the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, associated with painful memories of the Khmer Rouge period, or the beautiful National Museum of Cambodia next to the Royal Palace. Photo:

family enjoy bamboo train journey

Take the "bamboo train": It sounds like a joke, but at first, this is the transportation of inhabitants in the remote suburbs in Battambang city. Despite attracting many tourists, it was closed in 2017 before coming back to serve tourists with 20 km railway in the Banan temple area. Photo:

riding bamboo train at high speed

This "bamboo train" is powered by a small engine, unlike any other railway you've ever traveled. With speeds up to 30 km/h, this is not only an interesting experience for the one who prefers more active Cambodia trip, but also way to see the scenery of rural Cambodia. Photo:

lying on hammocks above the sea water

"Living slowly" on Koh Rong Island: Koh Rong is considered the island paradise in Cambodia. You can explore discreet coves, dive to see the diversity of coral reefs, or enjoy a perfect cocktail in a hut-style bar in the night sky, or watch the sunrise above the palm trees here. Photo:

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