A Luoi

When referring to Hue, we often think of Hue Imperial City or temples, mausoleums, ancient pagodas or beautiful poetic scenes. But along with these popular destinations, Hue also has another unique place called A Luoi with attractive mountain scenery.

This is a small township locating in A Luoi district, Thua Thien – Hue Province, in the North Central Coast region of Vietnam. This off-from-the-beaten-tracks small town located on a plateau among the hills, surrounding by ethnic minority villages and rather close to Laos border.

Coming A Luoi, you can visit historical sites such as Battle of A Shau, A Shau airport, Signal Hill, A Biah Mountain, known as the Hamburger Hill, A Don tunnels and Dong So tunnels,… Besides, A Luoi is a high mountainous area with pristine and majestic natural beauty, including A No waterfall, Tien Cong cave, Ta Long Ai mountain, Ta Tinh river and so on.

A Luoi Hue

A Luoi is a home to some colorful ethnic minority groups including Bru Van Kieu, Pa Co and Ta Oi people who still maintain very well their traditions and lifestyle. If you are interested in exploring the authentic culture and local people's life, this is a great destination.

Because it is located in a mountainous district with an average altitude of 600-800m above sea level, A Luoi has a cool climate and fresh air. Warm sunshine during the day, and very cold at night. Morning is the time when the landscape is covered with a magical mist, this is also the most toost time to visit A Luoi. At this time, you can enjoy the sun, wind and cold of the mountains and forests in the Central region, which is not easy to get in the city center.

A Luoi visiting

A Luoi is accessible from Hue or Hoi An and is sometimes taken as an overnight stop those riding the Ho Chi Minh trail north or south. The road to the north and south of A Luoi is incredibly beautiful and could be the best chance to take photo of the minority people.

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