Ba Vi National Park

Situated about 50 km west of Hanoi, Ba Vi National Park features a great hideaway from the bustling city with cool fresh mountain air in a magical atmospheric backdrop of clouds, jungle, and tropical rainforest. It is also an important site for education and scientific research as it is the general home to hundreds of wildlife species including many rare and precious ones listed in the Red Book of Vietnam.

The limestone mountain, part of the Ba Vi National Park, has several endangered plants in its protected forest, as well as mammals, including rare ‘flying’ squirrels and abundant birdlife. Mount Ba Vi is the combination of three peaks: Dinh Vua at 1,296 m, Tan Vien at 1,226 m, and Ngoc Hoa at 1,120 m which are always among white clouds at the highest point. The forest at Ba Vi National Park is an important source of products for local communities and economic activity in the area. Pilgrims and tourists usually walk to the Tan Vien peak where an 11th sacred century shrine stands in memory of the Mountain God.

Ba Vi National Park

With a pleasant climate, good infrastructure, and convenient location from the Hanoi capital, Ba Vi has attracted large numbers of visitors coming every year. Several tourism companies have developed hotels and resorts as well as sightseeing places in and around the national park to make it more interesting. Visiting Ba Vi National Park, you can relax in some nice accommodations among peaceful nature, discover deep caves lying in the mountains, hike through the jungles, trek to Tan Vien Mountain and its old temple, stop at an altitude of 800 meters to see an orchid garden, explore French ruined areas, learn about Ho Chi Minh's life & his simple wish at Uncle Ho temple on King summit. Additionally, when standing on the top of the mountain on a sunny day, you can get a spectacular panoramic view of the lovely Hanoi with modern high-rises in the center. For more experience among nature, it is very interesting to camp a night in the forest and enjoys local specialties such as “com lam” and grilled wild pork.

Exploring Ba Vi National Park

You can visit Ba Vi National Park all year round, especially in May, June, July, and November to enjoy the colorful picture of flowers blooming in the area. The weather is cool from April to October and mist is available creating a tranquil and magic atmosphere. From Hanoi, it takes around 2 hours driving to get to Ba Vi National Park. However, the road is a bit bumpy in the rainy season so you should check the weather forecast before starting the trip. Another famous site that can be combined in the journey to this park is Duong Lam Ancient Village - the UNESCO-awarded village which is situated around 20km from the park.

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