Bat Trang Ceramic Village

Located on the other side of Chuong Duong Bridge and 13 kilometers away from Hanoi center, Bat Trang ceramic village is considered one of the most famous traditional handicraft villages in Vietnam. The old people told that the village was established in the 14th - 15th century and perhaps even earlier since the Le dynasty. It was the place where local artisans lived and created beautiful porcelain artworks combining traditional and modern techniques. After years, a big village has developed right around the place where people produced ceramics from white clay and later created the ceramic brand Bat Trang, with products exported to different countries all around the world. That is the reason why we remember Bat Trang as the great land where the people have not only kept their ancestors’ trade but also turned it into an internationally recognized brand.

Bat Trang Ceramic Village

Based on the purposes of use, Bat Trang products are divided into 3 main categories. Utilitarian wares include teacups, kettles, plates, bowls, wine bottles, flowerpots, and so on. Cult wares can be named are candle holders, lamp stands, incense burner, altar boxes, … The last category is decorative objects which include statues, house models, altars, and architectural fixtures. One thing that makes Bat Trang products different from other brands is the high quality of glaze, the variety of color mixture, and the diversified creative decorations on products with impressive designs.

Bat Trang Ceramic Village - Vietnam

Visiting Bat Trang, tourists can choose the option to go on foot or experience a buffalo ride for sightseeing the peaceful landscapes. Furthermore, you can try the feeling of a pottery maker at one of the working places here, visiting Bat Trang pottery market with lots of stalls selling a variety of handicrafts ceramic items, taking colorful photos with unique ceramic products, and tasting local specialties such as squid and bamboo sprout soup, rice cakes…
From Hanoi, it takes only around 40 mins drive to get to Bat Trang. If you are an active traveler and you enjoy outdoor activities, riding a bike is also a good choice.