Mau Son Mountain

Situated 30km out of Lang Son in Loc Binh District, Mau Son Mountain is considered the roof of Northeastern Vietnam and it is an ideal place to relax after working days in the busy city. There are different ethnic groups reside in Mau Son’s area including the Dao, Tay, Nung, and Kinh. Mau Son is not only the border but also the great harmony of blue sky and spacious land, mountains, and lovely clouds. The traditional cultural characters of the country have been changed in some aspects through several centuries but fortunately, the important things still strongly survive till nowadays.

Mau Son Mountain

Standing on the highest peak of Mau Son, you can get a breathtaking panoramic view of the Lang Son region which resembles a Chinese ink drawing. If you are a nature-lover and you are seeking some silent moment among spectacular mountainous area, Mau Son would be a perfect choice. Coming to this land, there are some outdoor activities that you can experience including hiking or riding a motorbike to the peak of Mau Son, taking unique photos of the amazing landscape, discovering ancient works from the French colonial period, visiting Dao’s people village to explore the spirit and culture of Dao Ethnic groups here. Additionally, visiting Mau Son, you can have the chance to bath in herb pools, sipping a cup of famous San Tuyet tea, and drinking Mau Son wine brewed from streams water and traditional medicine.

Mau Son Mountain, Lang Son

Mau Son weather includes winter from November to March and summer from April to October. The average temperature is 15,6 degrees Celsius. Sometimes, it gets down to below zero degrees in the winter which is the rare time for you to see the white snow or build your snowman. Hence, this is one of the main features that attract tourists to Mau Son during winter in recent years. Occasionally, it is rainy in both winter and summer and the weather is cool all year round, so you can enjoy the fresh air here.
Due to the height of around 1600 meters above sea level, in the past, tourists can only reach Mau Son Mountain by walking or riding a horse. However, after many constructions, now it is very easy to drive a car or rent a motorbike to come to this famous site.