Mua Cave

Located in Khe Ha Village (Ninh Xuan Commune, Hoa Lu District) and about 4-5 kilometers from Ninh Binh center, Mua Cave is a popular combination site when tourists visit Tam Coc – Bich Dong. Besides Trang An ecological tourism complex, this place is assumed to be the Vietnamese “Great Wall of China” due to its long stone staircase zigzags through karst leading to the cave’s entrance decorated with the sophisticated stone statues of solemn dragons and majestic phoenixes on the two sides.

Mua Cave

According to legend, when arriving at Hoa Lu to establish the Thai Vi temple, King Tran often came here to enjoy dancing performances of the beauties (who specifically served imperial). In Vietnamese, “Mua” means “dancing” so people call the cave “Hang Mua”. Planning a trip to Mua Cave, it is worth conquering nearly 500 stone steps to the top of the cave to contemplate the charming beauty of Ninh Binh, especially Tam Coc with numerous boats imitating leaves floating along the water. During the ripe rice season in May and June, Tam Coc’s rice fields merging with the green water of the Ngo Dong River look like an amazing golden picture captivating many tourists. Besides taking a panorama view from the top of the impressive mountain, coming to this peaceful site, you can also experience other things here including taking photos at the traditional virtual tower – the highest tower in Mua Cave, exploring Dragon Peak sunset, and the Goddess of Mercy’s shrine.

On top of Mua Cave

You can visit Mua Cave all year round. The peak time here falls during spring and summer when the weather is not too harsh with pleasant temperature and low rainfall which does not make it challenging to climb up. Although the summer heat might be a difficult task to do this outdoor activity, the majestic scenery from the viewpoint is still an incredible present waiting for you.
From the center of Ninh Binh city, it just takes about 15 minutes - about 5 kilometers to the eco-tourism area of the cave, about 2 kilometers from Tam Coc – Bich Dong. A biking trip to Mua Cave is an ideal option for those who love to get back to nature among the tranquil atmosphere of Ninh Binh countryside as you will pass through many rice fields, villages, majestic rivers, lakes, and mountains.