Muong Lo Valley

Located in Nghia Lo and Van Chan district, Muong Lo is a fertile land in the Northwest region, about 80 km from Yen Bai City, where there is the second largest flat field in the Northwest, famous for "white rice, clear water", specialty of old Shan Tuyet tea and passionate aroma of Tu Le sticky rice.

Muong Lo field is ranked second of the four great famous charming scenery and fresh atmosphere  valleys in the Northwest after Muong Thanh in Dien Bien province and above Muong Than in Than Uyen, Lai Chau and Muong Tac in Phu Yen, Son La. Muong Lo field is compared to a giant pan surrounded by mountains and dense fog from above.

Overview of Muong Lo

Surrounded by thousands of years of Hoang Lien with white clouds, this 3000 ha land area is home to 17 ethnic groups with a population of over 27,000 people, of which the Thai people account for 44% with many mysteries and cultural attraction. The Thai people has a legend of the brothers Tao Xuong and Tao Dan looked for a place to settle inhabit, then Tao Xuong chose Muong Lo fertile land and enless water resources to be home built up the ancestral land of the Black Thai people throughout the Northwest.

Local market

With the gentle slope terrain and industrious hands, the potential labor force of the people of the Northwest has made a masterpiece of terraced fields that everyone who comes here cannot help admire the endless stretching field with its own color. Sometimes it is flooded with glittering water every time the sunlight shines, sometimes it is green and peaceful, sometimes golden ripe, heavy with flowers, swaying rhythmically every time the wind blows. All become beautiful natural paintings, creating an unforgettable impression for tourists who took their footstep on. Every ripe rice season, the terraced fields turn in one yellow color making a wonderful natural masterpice. Down Highway 32 to Muong Lo, Yen Bai, visitors will be surprised to witness the beauty of the golden rice fields, sloping steps toward the mountain, Nam Thia stream stretching across the valley like drawing a soft silk curling between waves of golden rice and the shadow of graceful Thai girls carrying rice on their shoulders across the stream ...

Local people

Besides the beautiful rice terrace fields, travelers will be love to enjoy the hot mineral water in Hoc village after a long day trekking on the mountainous area, experience the unique Muong Lo market with the different culture of ethnic groups in the North mountainous Viet Nam. Muong Lo is also famous for the soft and low-lying Luom lyrics and the beautiful melody of Xòe mesmerizing tourists from a far distance.

The Thai in Muong Lo has experienced a unique and attractive culinary culture endowed with natural products long ago, created the tasty dishes that you can not miss if having a chance to visit Muong Lo valley. In addition to the specialties of rice, Muong Lo also has many delicious and strange dishes that every visitor who has ever tasted will remember forever.

Muong Lo has long been an attractive destination in the route of Mu Cang Chai tour and Northwest tours of Viet Nam for those who love to explore and experience many interesting things in the wild and fresh nature. Coming to Muong Lo, visitors have chances to immere themselves into the wonderful vivid and splendid nature landscape together with the distinct culture and local life of the local such as Thai, Muong, Tay…

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