Nam Du Island

In Kien Giang, there are still many pristine beaches that have just been discovered, of which the most prominent recently is Nam Du Island which has attracted tourists recently because of the unspoiled nature, blue water, peaceful and dreamy scenery.

From December to March, the sea of Nam Du is quite smooth and clear, therefore, these months are the most suitable for your trip, and also seasickness will reduce much discomfort when traveling by ship. To reach Nam Du Island, you need to go to Rach Gia city of Kien Giang province from Sai Gon, then catch the high speed which takes 2 hours by a high-speed boat to travel from Rach Gia to Nam Du Island.


Hon Lon in Nam Du is a beautiful bay with an area that fits neatly in the Gulf of Thailand that is said to be the most wonderful beach in the Nam Du archipelago. The rows of green coconut tilted the shadow is the outstanding feature of the island with the life expectancy of trees is up to 70 - 80 years. Moreover, Hon Lon also attracts tourists by the colorful corals and the awesome fishes when you join in these activities such as catching fishes, catching snails in the rocks along the beach or watching corals reefs, it is really fantastic! Cay Men Beach is empty with fresh cool seawater so you can freely play and bathe as much as you want.


Hon Mau is approximate 200 hectares wide with over 120 households, mainly engaged in sea fishing, living across the lowest area of the island. Of the 21 islands of the archipelago, nature seems to favor Hon Mau these most wonderful beaches with five beaches on this small island. In particular, there are two rare white sand beaches: Bai Chuong and Bai Nam; the rest are three rocky beaches: Bac Beach, Da Den Beach and Da Trang Beach. Bai Nam is the front of the island which is mostly quiet all year round, so shipping to the trade stops on this side. That makes the residents here are more crowded, however, the beach is also very clean. The most interesting is to sink yourself in the cool water in Bai Chuong. The beach like a bay looks like a huge lake surrounded by rows of coconuts and the sand runs long, the water is clear blue that the bottom can be seen despite tens of meters away.


There are two impeccably rocky beaches next to Bai Chuong, the first one is Da Den Beach which has many beautiful rocks. Most of the stones are glossy black, so people take that as the name of this beach. The stones there are multicolored and colorful so when the sun shines down, the rocks under the sea sparkle with many eye-catching colors. There are very strange patterns with zigzag green and red like marble patterns. The second one is Da Trang beach which is about 15 minutes walking from Da Den beach. The whole beach is only a white color of the stone and there has almost no sand, only white stone making it special and attractive to those who have never seen it before.

If you visit Phu Quoc Island, then a shot trip to Nam Du may be a great idea for your new exploration and also a diversity in your journey of discovering the Islands in Viet Nam.

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