Ninh Thuan

Ninh Thuan belongs to the South Central Coast, the land of endless white salt fields and beautiful pristine beaches. You can visit here all year round but the best time to capture the most beautiful summer at sea is from April to June.

During the time of May till August, Ninh Thuan weather is perfect for a trip with blue ocean, white sand, bright sunlight and, especially, it’s not the high season so you are not worried about the price of trains, hotels when visiting Ninh Thuan in these months.

If you are interested in the festival and fresh fruits, you should plan your journey from August to October as this is the right time for the festival and the vast ripe fruit gardens in Ninh Thuan province. You can have a wonderful chance to immerse yourselves in such special and spectacular festivals of the locals' Cham but also tasting the freshest fruits of the land of wind and sun.

Tourists can come to Ninh Thuan by motorbike, private car, bus, plane and train from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Hanoi, or Da Nang.

  • Plane: Stop at Cam Ranh airport, then travel by car to Ninh Thuan.
  • Train: Guests can buy tickets at any station on the Thong Nhat train, the stop is Thap Cham station. From here visitors take a car to Phan Rang city center.
  • Car: Guests should choose this vehicle if coming from Saigon. 

ninh thuan

Rai Cave

Bai Rai Beach is being "awakened" when more and more tourists are certain to stop here, especially in the turbulent sea season from November to March, this is an ideal time to visit and a good opportunity to exploit unique and beautiful photos of waves, about the mossy green moss on ancient coral reefs. At your first sight, you will capture spectacular scenes made by a huge valley with condensed jungles and straightened roads. The road leading to Rai Cave is poetic and lyrical with colorful rocks in odd shapes and together with clear spring.

Vinh Hy Bay

Vinh Hy Bay is considered one of the 4 most charming bays in Viet Nam which is very near to Nui Chua National Park, bringing pristine, instinctive and antique beauty. To reach Vinh Hy bay, you will travel to a stunning road with one side being a charming beach sparkling under the yellow sunshine, the rest side being a mountain range with flourishing green jungles. Crossing the passes, sometimes you can see the village on the edge of the mountain, the vast salt fields on the blue sky, the point where white clouds hover. The scenery of Vinh Hy Bay appears as a water-color painting, just enough to make you almost rub and make you feel disturbed.

Ninh Chu beach is located in Binh Son village, Khanh Hai commune which is well-known for being one of the most charming and pristine beaches on Ninh Thuan tourist map. The wonderful landscape together with long curve coastline, blue ocean, fine white sand, the fresh atmosphere makes Ninh Chu become great potential to develop tourism as it is very suitable for leisure activities, bathing, windsurfing, climbing...

vinh hy

Binh Tien beach is situated in a tourist arc including Vinh Hy Bay, Nui Chua National Park, Binh Tien Beach, the road leading to Binh Tien passing a windy mountain pass and the curving streams, and along the trail are green cliffs creating marvelous scenery that makes tourists satisfied to experience this wonderful natural masterpiece once step on their foot to this beach.

Bau Truc pottery village

Bau Truc pottery village belongs to Quarter 7, Phuoc Dan town, Ninh Phuoc district, next to National Road 1A, 10 km south of Phan Rang city. It is said that this village is the oldest pottery village in Southeast Asia and is included in the list of 12 intangible cultural heritage of the country. Bau Truc pottery village always attracts the discovery of visitors whenever traveling to Ninh Thuan.

Ninh Thuan is a place that you can enjoy not only the beauty of nature with beaches and Bay but also Cham culture deeply imbued with the tradition in Bau Truc pottery village or Po Klong Garai Tower. From Ninh Thuan, you can connect your trip to visit Nha Trang, Da Lat or Ho Chi Minh City

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