Nom Village

Located 30 kilometers east of Hanoi and belonging to Dai Dong commune (Van Lam district, Hung Yen province), Nom village, the most famous one in Kinh Bac region and one of the two most ancient villages in Vietnam (ranked below Duong Lam village in Hanoi), was the main supplier for bronze money and hardware casting’s materials.

Nom village has a nice layout comprising ponds, worshipping houses, and residential houses with 2 entrances including the 200-year-old front one leading to the south-east and the recently added back one connecting the north-west.  It owns more than 10 ancient houses, an old communal house aged since the later Le dynasty, a newer one built in the Nguyen dynasty, and 7 clan ancestral houses. The highlight of the village is not only the stunning complex of a common house, a banyan tree, and an ancient well which features the typical village of the Northern area of Vietnam but also the warm hospitality and friendly way of life of local people living here. Luckily, all things remain unchanged after many years and little affected by the quick urbanization of modern life.

Nom Village


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Some famous sightseeing places that can be named in Nom village include Nom pagoda also called “Linh Thong Co Tu” where preserves over 100 Buddha terracotta statues, different themes, and postures; Nom Bridge Bronze passing the magnificent village gate looks like a fairyland; and Nom market which traded copper in the past taken place 12 times monthly. Leaving Nom village, tourists can take a walk to a busy craft Long Thuong village specializing in producing worship materials where you can watch the skillful hands of craftsmen and try to make your product under their instruction to bring home as an unforgettable memory. Coming to Nom village, you can take a leisurely biking trip for 5 kilometers passing the authentic village and enjoy the peaceful countryside scenery. Dai Dong hamlet is a great place to have some fun through some agriculture activities such as fishing, crab catching, and transplanting plants. Additionally, you can wander at the Nom market to learn about the local people’s daily life, buy some specialties as souvenirs for your friends; explore a beautiful village with old towers, green ponds, and big trees; join a cooking class at a local family and interact with people living here to understand more about their culture.

Nom Village, Hung Yen

From Hanoi, it takes just 50 minutes driving to get to Nom village. If you want to experience new sensations and feel the tranquil atmosphere of the countryside, riding a bike is also a perfect choice as the location is not too far from the capital city. Other nearby well-known tourist attractions in Bac Ninh that can be conveniently combined with the trip to Nom village are But Thap Pagoda and Dau Pagoda.