Thang Hen Lake

Situated in Tra Linh district (approximately 25 kilometers from Cao Bang town), Thang Hen - a beautiful lake lying high on the green karst mountain consisting of 36 stunning little lakes surrounded by dense “Tram” trees, was honorably recognized as an eco-tourism zone in Cao Bang by the Ministry of Culture and Information in 2002. Since provincial authorities have focused on developing the site as a main tourist attraction of the region, it attracts lots of domestic and international travelers coming to visit every year.

Thang Hen Lake Cao Bang Vietnam

Thang Hen when translated into Vietnamese means “bee’s tail” as it is exactly the shape of the lake when you see it from above. It is about 3000 meters long and 1000 meters wide with the green water flowing out from a big cave located right across the lake surrounded by the valley scattered with underwater rocks. The reflecting of trees rising from rough rock cliffs on the deep clear water creates the majestic beauty of a natural painting that you could not easily find any elsewhere. The reason that makes the water inside the lake always green and clear is the frequency of the tides going up and down twice a day. Thang Hen is the biggest lake among the total of 36 “members” gathering in a huge valley commune including Na Ma, Thang Vat, Thang Hoi, Thang Loong...

Cave in Thang Hen Cao Bang

Traveling to Thang Hen, you can walk around the lake and do sightseeing among beautiful natural scenes of mountains and forests. Immersing yourself in that fairy atmosphere will make you feel peaceful and relaxed after continuous busy days in the big city. Additionally, you can also visit Thang Hen cave or some surrounding traditional villages to learn about the unique local culture, try your luck with the fishing game, or do the boat ride to enjoy the great beauty of nature. Camping here for one night, eating local specialties, and drinking corn wine brewed in a traditional way of Tay ethnic would be surely a memorable experience in your trip to Thang Hen.

Boat trip in Thang Hen Lake

The peak time at Thang Hen lake is in the rainy season during September – October when there is more water in the lake than another period in a year. From Cao Bang, it takes only around 25 kilometers traveling by private transfer via Ma Phuc Pass to reach Thang Hen. The trip to this stunning site can be conveniently combined with visiting Pac Bo historical site, Ban Gioc Waterfall, and Nguom Ngao Cave which tours are all well-organized by Travel Authentic Asia.

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